Why The Suffering of all Sentient Beings Should be Equally Considered

Why Does Wild Animal Suffering Matter?

This line of reasoning explains why the suffering of all sentient individuals should be given ethical consideration.

  • Premise 1: Non-human animals have a capacity to suffer.

  • Premise 2: Suffering is undesirable for an individual.

  • Premise 3: If an animal suffering on a farm is a moral concern, it must be morally concerning because of the suffering, not because of the moral agency of any of the actors.

  • Premise 4: Animals in the wild suffer too, and often to a large degree (because of natural disasters, parasitism, disease, starvation and predation).

  • Premise 5: If individual animals suffer in the wild, then that must be a moral concern regardless of the agency of any of the actors.

  • Conclusion: Wild animal suffering is a moral concern, and maybe even a larger concern than factory farming because of the scale of suffering.